1 2 3 – Learn to Ski or Snowboard for just $19!

An inexpensive introduction to skiing and snowboarding using our “Station Rotation” method of teaching. Our 3 stations will teach you the basic one, two, three’s of skiing or snowboarding!  And if you don’t get it the first time, don’t worry, just jump back in and try it again!

Day: Weekdays and Weekends
Time: Hourly Weekdays 5:00pm – 7:00pm and Weekends 10:00am – 2:00pm
Duration: Approx. 30min – 45min
Start Date: Opening Day
End Date: Closing Day
Cost: $19.00/Session *must be at least 13yrs old

Lift Tickets and Rental Equipment are not included

No Reservations are required for these lessons! Continual rotating group lesson from 10am – 2pm. To book a private lesson please go to the lessons page and book online.

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What you’ll learn in the ski stations:

Station 1

  • Putting skis on and off
  • Falling and getting up
  • Moving around on skis
  • Slow straight run

Station 2

  • Introduction to the Snowplow
  • Going down a gentle slope in a Snowplow
  • Adjusting speed by increasing/decreasing the Snowplow angle
  • Stop using the Snowplow

Station 3

  • Introduction to turns
  • Steering the Snowplow to change direction, adjusting weight and body position to create a turn
  • Attempt to make S shapes down the the gentle slope
  • Instructor closing statements and brief instructions on use of the lift.

What you’ll learn in the snowboard stations:

Station 1

  • Equipment review
  • Get bindings on and off
  • Skating around
  • Work on gliding
  • Gliding with toe and or heal drag

Station 2

  • Introduce side slipping
  • Side slipping on toes
  • Side slipping on heals
  • Proper body position is essential for success

Station 3

  • Explain getting off the lift
  • Work on one foot board slide
  • Proper body position
  • Hanging the heel over the edge for extra control
  • Instructor closing statement