SnowBox Derby

  • Snowbox derby Mt. Crescent Ski Area

Winning Team Will Receive

All Mountain Passes

  • Each Member of the team will receive the prize!
  • Teams are limited to between 2 – 6ppl
  • Team members but be registered with the team 1 day prior to the event

What you make is up to you, from animals to pirate ships to race cars.  Be creative, wear costumes,
enter as a team  – work outing, church retreat, college fraternity – the more creative minds the better!
Or enter as a duo, Father & Son, Best Buds, Grand Pop & Grand kid and of course Better Halves!

Competition categories will be decided upon number of entrants.  Awards are given for fastest times
in each category, most creative design and more.  Racers are allowed to have 2 pushers to give
them a helpful shove at the start of the race, but then the racers are on their own. These snow boxes
have to slide on their own after that initial push, racers are not allowed to use their arms or legs to
push themselves down the hill. Making it to the finish line is not as easy as it might seem and that’s
when the entertainment starts!

Our Mountain Café & Bar will be serving up all your winter favorites, not to mention hot chocolate
and all the fixes – yum!  Mt Crescent provides a comfortable lodge to enjoy the derby with the entire
family. It’s a spectator’s event; with imaginatively designed sleds (some fast, some slow) and a few
spectacular crashes, the action provides fun viewing for all ages. Still, for anyone who doesn’t want
to watch the races, the ski hill remains open for skiers and snowboarders.

Whether you want to test your cardboard design skills or simply enjoy the races as a
spectator this event will keep you laughing!

Snow Box Construction

  •     Snow Boxes can be constructed using only cardboard, paint, tape or glue, including decorations.
  •     No Metal or Plastics of any kind can be used. (staples, tacks, nails, food trays etc.).
  •     Snow Boxes can be no wider than six (6) feet.
  •     Snow Boxes must have sides all the way around of at least six (6) inches.
  •     All Snow Boxes must be inspected on the day of the race at by a Judge.

Participants  –  Safety First, then Fun

The Musts

  •     All participants Must fit entirely in the Snow Box.
  •     Must wear a helmet.
  •     Must sit or lay feet first in the Snow Box.
  •     Participants are responsible for slowing and stopping the Snow Box at the end of their run.
  •     Participants are responsible for removing Snow Box from the premises after the event.
  •     While the sled is in motion, participants may not use arms or legs for propulsion of the Snow Box.

If you’ve stopped before the Finish Line? No problem!  Pick up your box and run for the line!
Parents and Family are encouraged to help their children at the Start and Finish Line.
The race order will be  Junior, Teen, Adult, and then Business entries.
Have Fun! Also: Cow Bells.  Races are better with Cow Bells.