Mt. Crescent Ski Patrol

Snow Making at Mt. Crescent Ski Area

The Mt. Crescent Ski Patrol (MCSP) was established in 1964 and is part of the Rocky Mountain Division of the National Ski Patrol. The MCSP is a volunteer organization that serves Mt. Crescent. It has approximately 30 members and has room to add several more patrollers. Ski patrollers provide skiing and snowboarding public with rescue and first aid services, and promote safety and courtesy at the ski hill.

Become a Ski Patroller

It usually takes a little over 7 months to become a basic alpine patroller if a candidate starts training with Outdoor Emergency Care in August. Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) is taught in the fall (late August through Early December); and additional training in ski /snowboard skill, toboggan handling, and ski lift evacuation training is done during the winter. Candidate testing is in late February. The ski patrol candidate that successfully completes all the above training will be a Basic Alpine Patroller the following winter. Candidates may also join the patrol midseason during the winter and complete the on-the-hill training that season. The candidate that joins midseason must take OEC the next fall. They, likewise, will be patrollers at the start of the following winter.

Patrollers are then required to attend annual training activities offered throughout the year.

Patrollers must attend one of two OEC refresher courses offered each fall; maintain their CPR for the Professional rescuer certification; and demonstrate their competence in skiing / snowboarding, toboggan handling, and ski lift evacuation.

Ski patrollers must be at least 18 years of age, successfully complete the Outdoor Emergency Care class, obtain and hold CPR for the Professional Rescuer from a recognized provider (such as the American Red Cross), complete ski/snowboard and toboggan handling training and pay the required dues.

Ski Patrol FAQS